How many contracts does your company handle to ship your goods? Is it ten or more? Very few e-commerce businesses work in a silo. Instead, they rely on multiple vendors to thrive in a competitive marketplace where customer satisfaction can make or break a brand, leaving many to manage several different contracts.

One of the easiest ways to consolidate vendors is by partnering with a full-service fulfillment or global logistics company. Going this route means you only have to manage one contract that may potentially lower costs while streamlining communication between those preparing and transporting your goods overseas or domestically.

Another benefit to partnering with a global logistics company includes increasing efficiency. When working with IBC, we help businesses succeed by offering a resource that combines many of the services used to transport e-commerce products or other goods by providing a robust end-to-end supply chain solution. Therefore, you only need one vendor to:

  • Store merchandise.
  • Pick and pack orders.
  • Handle shipping inbound / outbound logistics.
  • Navigate customs.
  • Manage last mile delivery.

Inbound and outbound shipping

Do you have bottlenecks in your inbound / outbound supply chain due to multiple vendors? If so, evaluate the services offered by each third-party company and look for areas where you can consolidate contracts by using one vendor.

Unlike an inbound network where delivery delays can result in slower production cycles, problems with an outbound delivery network can directly impact your relationship with customers. Because of this, many e-commerce businesses work with an experienced shipping provider like IBC to optimize inbound and outbound logistics to transport their products from start to finish.

Additionally, our four distribution centers in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are strategically located to provide efficient inbound / outbound shipping that enables us to provide cost-effective transportation solutions that save money and expedite delivery times.

Looking for an inbound / outbound shipping partner? At IBC, we offer integrated logistics solutions to eliminate the need for multiple vendors throughout the supply chain to offer a suite of services under one roof.


Global logistics 

Due to the number of steps involved in shipping items across borders, e-commerce businesses rely on customs brokers to clear goods, freight forwarders to streamline logistics, and many other contracting companies to get their products to where they need to go.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have to use multiple vendors to handle your parcels. IBC is a global logistics company that supports businesses by connecting them to their customers in countries abroad or domestically by arranging efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions in one package.

A key component of IBC’s total logistics service is our in-house brokerage services. We arrange the customs clearance process for you at the time of export and ensure compliance with all customs import regulations. IBC customs brokers handles:

  • Submitting the proper paperwork and payments to Customs for you.
  • Ensuring what’s being transported are correctly classified and compliant.
  • Providing personalized advice supporting your shipment.
  • Helping you access new markets.
  • Executing complex regulatory requirements.
Many of our customers exclusively use IBC for all their logistics needs because we offer end-to-end supply chain solutions unlike our competitors.

Last mile delivery

How do you ensure your parcels and packets arrive on time? It’s important to find a logistics company like IBC that offers transparent and customized solutions every step of the way.

Having a door-to-door transportation provider eliminates the need for contracting another vendor to handle your parcels during the last mile, which may cause delivery delays. It also reduces the chances of fraud or theft because you know where the package is and who is handling it.

Partnering with a global logistics provider that offers last mile delivery can enhance your shipping logistics' efficiency and effectiveness.

At IBC, we handle your parcels from origin to destination to ensure safe and secure delivery. Our import facilities in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles may also provide faster last mile delivery at a lower cost by allowing you to export your parcels to the IBC facility closest to the end delivery address.

Fulfillment Solutions

Another benefit of partnering with IBC is that we offer agile fulfillment solutions in coordination with Great Lakes Fulfillment (GLF) without adding another contract. The fulfillment services you get through GLF allow your brand to connect to new markets by gaining access to several logistics resources that simplify inventory management, shipping, and more.

The best part? With over 50,000,000 items shipped annually, the IBC group of companies have the experience and technology to quickly and economically get your product to the end consumer.

Inventory management 

With increasing consumer demand, you need a steady supply of materials to match your production output. Simultaneously, you don’t want too much inventory if you don’t have the warehousing to accommodate it.

Which vendors help you source inventory? This includes the transportation management of raw materials, as well as the warehousing and processing of such items – all of which are areas well within our expertise.

At IBC, our group owned fulfillment house GLF is key to helping our e-commerce customers manage their inventory. Using our online web portal, we can work with you to identify your manufacturing turn times, and use projected or historical volume to determine your items' minimum inventory levels. We can then issue alerts to customers, so they can better manage their manufacturing cycles. Through the portal, you can access inventory data 24/7 online, so you can get shipments out the door faster.

Warehouse storage 

While you may have a vendor assist with inventory management, who stores it? If you’re using two separate entities, find a provider that offers both services offered by our partnership with GLF.

Get started with end-to-end solutions to streamline shipping 

IBC’s vast global network means we can provide end-to-end supply chain solutions to destinations other logistics companies simply struggle to reach while potentially reducing transportation costs.

If multiple vendors are causing headaches for you and your customers, we offer end-to-end supply chain solutions to help you consolidate vendors that may reduce transportation costs. To learn how we can help your business consolidate vendors by streamlining the shipping process, contact us today.

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