With the influx of consumers purchasing products online, it’s critical for e-commerce businesses to have a reliable shipping provider to transport their parcels and packets. 

Unfortunately, not all e-commerce shipping solutions are the same, and many businesses struggle to find the most cost-effective and hassle-free solution for transporting their goods while adhering to rules and regulations. Several factors should be considered, including: 

  • How much your package weighs. 
  • USPS restrictions on certain goods. 
  • Parcel size limitations and dimensions. 
  • What country you want to ship to. 
  • Transit times. 
  • The value of your goods. 

That’s where IBC comes in. Unlike larger integrators that provide a one-size-fits-all approach to e-commerce shipping, IBC has the agility to create custom solutions that solve your unique shipping needs. We start by looking at your shipping profile to see which mix of vendors and services you use, and offer specific options to streamline the outbound process. From there, we create a tailored plan that fits your goals. 

For more information about our services, plus factors to consider when searching for a shipping provider for your e-commerce business, continue reading below.

Find a Provider With a Global Distribution Network

First, we want to make sure you don’t have to ask yourself, “What company should I use for shipping?”

If you’re sending small parcels cross border, you’ll want to look for a global shipping partner with a comprehensive network of gateways around the world. This way, your partnership will include domestic and international shipping services that ensure fast global passage by offering efficient transportation routing.   

With access to over 18 network hubs, 59 gateways, and 220 countries and territories, IBC eliminates the need for multiple vendors that can weaken your inbound / outbound supply chain. 

This also means our global distribution network helps us reduce shipping costs and improve delivery times for our customers. 

Partner With a Provider That Offers Competitive Rates

The first question when shipping goods cross borders usually relates to costs. At IBC, we have gateways in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. This allows us to customize rates on a per-client basis, and provide transportation options that our competitors can’t. 

As a Postal Qualified Wholesaler, we work closely with the United States Postal Service to design a global shipping program that fits your e-commerce business, as well as your budget. 

Part of our customized program includes reviewing your unique needs, assessing your requirements against all possible delivery mechanisms, and offering packaging and shipping solutions to save you time and money. 

What’s more, our customer service representatives are always available to answer questions related to costs, and find a solution that works well for your business. We offer those customer touchpoints because we believe it’s important to support our clients every step of the way to ensure their transportation needs are met. 

Search For a Transparent Partner

Using multiple vendors can cause headaches when shipping parcels. Our global logistics portal consolidates everything your e-commerce business needs to ship small and large parcels worldwide. Within the portal, you can: 

  • Print your own labels to process orders quickly. 
  • Track and trace parcels at every touchpoint. 
  • Manage orders using a dashboard to get customer insights. 

Unlike other companies that outsource final mile services, we never lose sight of your parcels because our global logistics team tracks them every step of the way. When you work with IBC, you can tell you who is transporting the parcel, it’s whereabouts, and when it will arrive. 

This transparency gives e-commerce businesses peace of mind, knowing their parcels are being transported with the utmost care.

Transport Your E-Commerce Goods with IBC

IBC specializes in e-commerce shipping for small parcels to businesses and consumers worldwide. We work closely with your business to customize a transportation solution that reduces shipping costs and improves delivery times. For assistance with transporting your products, contact us today to get more information.

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