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  • October 11, 2019

Section 321 Data Pilot

  • October 11, 2019

IBC Specializes in Entry Type 86 for Section 321 Transaction

On September 28, 2019, U.S. Customs completed programming changes allowing for the electronic submis...

  • November 29, 2018

Domestic Zone-Based Pricing

The USPS has announced that zone-based pricing for USA Domestic First Class Package Service will tak...

  • October 2, 2018

E-commerce: Holiday Parcel Clearance to the USA

The early days of this holiday sales point to another strong growth of online spending and increased...

  • December 19, 2017

Chicago E-Commerce clearance

IBC is pleased to announce the opening of a new Express Consignment Clearance Facility (ECCF) at Chi...

  • November 6, 2017

Express Parcel Clearance during peak holiday season

Many cross border e-commerce merchants realize the need for express consignment clearance during the...

  • October 23, 2017

Cross Border e-commerce: Aggregating Demand One Parcel at a Time

The traditional pattern of retailers "buying wholesale, and selling retail" is being disrupted by cr...

  • October 20, 2017

European Parcel Post and E-commerce solutions to the USA

For many European companies, their best option for domestic distribution is via their local postal a...


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