High-value goods such as fashion require special handling. Even with insurance–as important as it is (and we recommend it)–the loss of certain shipments cannot be replaced at any price.

Here are the international shipping services you’ll want to utilize to ensure your shipment arrives safely and in proper condition.

On-Board Courier Service (OBC)

The ultimate service to ensure a shipment is handled securely is when the shipment remains under the watchful eye and hand of an on-board courier (OBC). These shipments are accompanied by a dedicated passenger. This person maintains the chain of custody from pick up to drop off, offering safe and prompt delivery of shipments.

When an item is so important it must be watched from origin to destination, the on-board courier service is ideal. This service can be combined with the other services listed below.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

When garments need to move now, this is the fastest way. Next Flight Out (NFO) service involves immediate dispatch to pick up and deliver the shipment to the airport where it will be loaded on the next flight out to its destination. Except for chartering a plane – which is also an option that IBC can assist with – there is no faster way to move your shipment. It also minimizes handling which is important for high-end fashion.

When speed is paramount, Next Flight Out (NFO) service is your best bet for minimizing the transit time.

Dedicated Drives for Ground Service

Most shipments travel with – or next to, or on, or under – other shipments. Sometimes all of those things as packages get moved around. The more interaction with other shipments, the greater the probability of damage or delay. Those other packages are going somewhere so your package, at times, is “along for the ride” until those in front of it are removed.

A dedicated drive for ground service is an alternative where your shipment does not have to travel with other shipments. Your shipment is on a vehicle dedicated to transport only your shipment. There are no other packages on the vehicle, no stops and no other destinations except that of your shipment.

When moving high-value shipments via ground transportation, this is the safest and fastest option. It provides the advantage of both speed and separation from other cargo.

Packing and Crating

No matter which service options you choose to move high-end fashion, it is critical for the shipment to be securely packaged with proper cushioning on the inside and a strong exterior for the outside. This may require custom packing and crating, but you’ll want to take advantage of this service since the way a shipment is packaged can be the difference between it arriving damaged or intact.

Customs Clearance

When shipping internationally, you will want to work with a global logistics provider that has an in-house customs brokerage team to simplify and expedite the clearance process. Duties and taxes are constantly changing, which can be confusing when shipping high-end goods. Having a partner that offers these services in-house can solve for the complexities.

For example, a carnet can often be used when shipping high-fashion. This can be beneficial in saving money and minimizing customs documentation. A global logistics partner can advise you on the best solutions for your shipment, as well as set them up for you.

See our blog, How To Protect High-Value Shipments From Origin To Destination, for other things to consider when moving high-value shipments.

IBC for Shipping High-Fashion Internationally

When it comes to moving high-fashion internationally, each country has different import regulations, duties and taxes. As experts in global logistics, IBC can do more than just move your goods. Our customs and carnet experts can handle all the paperwork and reliably coordinate the shipment of high-end fashion anywhere in the world.

We operate 24/7 because shipments move 24/7, so contact us day or night for your next high-fashion shipment.

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