Picture this scenario–you’re preparing to send luxury goods worth thousands of dollars from one country to another. You get the paperwork in order for customs, coordinate with the logistics provider for pick up and final delivery, and off your items go. You should be all set, except the shipment fails to arrive at the destination.

What happened? Your goods have been stolen.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), this is a problem costing companies in the U.S. more than $15 billion per year. Worldwide, the losses are much higher, but whatever the total number is, the real cost for a shipper is significant.

Records show the average value for each stolen shipment in the first quarter of 2021 to be over $142,000. And that excludes the hassle of dealing with lost sales, as well as customer service issues.

Another scenario that may occur is damage. Your goods arrive, but not in nearly the same condition as when they were shipped. While damage is not done purposefully, you still have to deal with an unhappy customer, in addition to the claims process.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to ensure that your high-value shipments arrive safely and in proper condition.

High-value shipments, like designer clothes and business-critical shipments like legal documents, need to be carefully tracked and handled. Here's how.

Talk to a Provider that Offers Specialty Services

When sending expensive goods nationally or internationally, make sure to work with a global logistics provider that offers the following:

  • Insurance: Supplemental insurance protects both you in case of loss or damage, and notifies the provider the shipment is valuable.
  • Specialty Packaging: This includes security seals on the outside, proper cushioning on the inside, and a strong exterior to ensure the product inside stays safe and secure.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: There are physical devices that can be used for tracking shipments, and many providers have procedures in place to do so. They can notify you when the shipment is picked up, in route and at its final destination to ensure transparency when in transport.
    Dedicated Service: In some cases, due to the value of the shipment, a dedicated service is recommended. This provides the advantage of both speed and separation from other shipments.
  • Onboard Courier: The ultimate service to ensure the shipment is handled securely is where the shipment remains under the watchful eye and hand of an onboard courier (OBC). These shipments are accompanied by a dedicated passenger. This person maintains the chain of custody from drop off to pick up, offering safe and prompt delivery of your shipments.
  • Customs Brokerage: You also want to work with a global logistics provider that has carnet specialist and an in-house customs brokerage team to simplify the clearance process. Duties and taxes are constantly changing, which can be confusing when shipping high-end goods. Having a partner that offers these services in-house can solve for the complexities.

IBC can assist you in providing some or all of the above services. See our blog, 5 Services to Look for When Shipping High-End, Fashion Items, for additional information on this topic.

Use One Provider over Multiple Vendors

Often, when sending parcels, more than one vendor will be involved. Packing, tracking and shipping are all different specialties, but with high-value shipments, you want the best service in each category. You need specialists. Experts.

Whether you use an end-to-end global logistics provider like IBC, or coordinate all the different services yourself through multiple vendors, is your decision. The advantage IBC provides is that we already have these services configured under one contract.

We offer personalized logistics that cater exclusively to high-end shipments, with a specials department that operates 24/7. We can help you organize shipments for:

  • Magazine shoots.
  • Runway shows.
  • TV shows and commercials.
  • Store displays.
  • Gallery openings.
  • Promotional items.
  • Legal documents.
  • Clinical trial samples.
Account management teams are placed on every project for complete security.

Protect Your Shipments with IBC

When sending high-value shipments, you want to work with a partner you can trust. At IBC, we provide door-to-door specialty delivery services to protect your shipments from origin to destination. We understand these shipments require extra attention and detail, which is why we work with you to create a customized logistics solution that’s tailored to your needs. For more information on how to get started, contact our Specials Department directly at specials@ibcinc.com or +1 718-526-5300 Ext. 1.

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