The USPS has announced that zone-based pricing for USA Domestic First Class Package Service will take effect on January 27, 2019, along with other rate changes. This means that shipping from one US location can increase postage costs above and beyond the current cost of postage, and where you enter your goods and ship from will determine your cost. With our four strategically located facilities at key airports across the USA, IBC can help reduce postage costs via the new zone-based pricing.  

IBC can play an important role in lowering the overall cost of mailing parcels from overseas suppliers within the US by reducing the number of zones a parcel will travel through before arriving at the final destination. In addition to saving money, it will improve the purchasing experience by improving transit times. You can send your parcels to the IBC clearance facility closest to your destination and distribute from there, saving time and money. IBC's Express Customs Clearance Facilities (ECCF) & Container Freight Stations (CFS) allow retailers to clear inbound goods without duty (at the parcel level under $800 in value) or delay, in most cases, and have parcels delivered to the end-consumer using our multiple points of entry.

Each of IBC's facilities are located within close proximity to international airports, minimizing ground transportation time and expense. With commercial airlines offering multiple arrival and departure times from each airport, IBC can clear and ship time-sensitive materials to meet tight deadlines. 

Being the largest independently owned and operated Express Customs Clearance Facilities (ECCF) in the US, IBC allows customers to strategically route their freight and clear U.S. customs through ECCFs at JFK, ORD, LAX and MIA. 

Our ECCF & CFS facilities provide reliable customs clearance even during peak holiday seasons. With our in-house customs brokerage team, our Section 321 Specialists and domestic delivery experts, we are an integral part to delivering your products to meet your customer's requirements. To get started with zone-based pricing, contact us today map3

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