In response to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) intensified enforcement and regulation revisions under the “de minimis” provision, IBC, your Pangea partner in the United States, continues to set industry standards in compliance and customer advisement. The company has proactively issued numerous Information Bulletins and maintains a strong compliance program to help clients navigate the evolving landscape of U.S. import regulations.

The CBP has recently increased scrutiny and enforcement related to the “de minimis” provision, which allows for the waiver of import tariffs for shipments under $800. This has included more rigorous examinations and the suspension of licenses for multiple customs brokers who were found non-compliant. However, IBC’s license remains in full effect, showcasing their commitment to rigorous compliance practices.

IBC has taken several proactive steps to ensure its clients remain well-informed and compliant with the latest CBP rules. These include the publication of multilingual Information Bulletins available in English, Chinese, and Spanish, which detail necessary compliance measures and updates on regulatory changes.

IBC’s mission has always centered around ensuring that their clients’ operations run smoothly and fully in line with U.S. laws and regulations. Their comprehensive approach to compliance and client education is designed to safeguard their clients against the potential risk of an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

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