There are certain scenarios where a standard shipping solution just won’t cut it. Take a high-end fashion brand, for example. They may have a last-minute photoshoot where they need to ship luxury goods from country to country, but the items are worth thousands of dollars.

Rather than resorting to other freight forwarders where transit times are unreliable, you need an end-to-end global logistics provider that offers quick pickup and delivery. This will ensure your shipments arrive on time, and to protect them from the possibility of fraud or theft.

At IBC, we know this situation all too well. Whether it’s shipping artwork to a gallery show or transporting equipment for a film production, we’ve serviced a variety of industries in need of specialty shipping solutions, including:

  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Film and production
  • Media
  • Law / Legal

If you are in need of a global logistics provider that understands the intricacies of shipping luxury goods, look for the services listed below.

On-Board Courier and Next Flight out Courier Services

When running on tight deadlines, on-board courier and next flight out courier services are essential.

Not only can you put your high value shipments on the next available flight out to ensure prompt delivery, but you also can have someone accompany them.

This person maintains the chain of custody from pick up to drop off for improved risk management, so you never have to worry about where your shipment is in transport. Instead, you can track and trace it at every touch point with this service.

Dedicated Drives for Ground Service

If using freight forwarders for transportation, your luxury goods may be consolidated with other shipments. This can lead to longer delivery times.

With dedicated drives for ground service, your shipments move faster because there’s no need to load and unload items at various checkpoints. The driver is committed only to your freight to optimize your routing schedule, and improve punctuality of pickups and deliveries.

Beyond that, it also provides end-to-end visibility of your shipments because you know who is handling it at all times.

Packaging and Crating

There’s nothing worse than shipping a high value item only to discover it was damaged. With fragile, heavy, or large shipments, you want to ensure safe arrival.

Packaging and crating services provide the highest level of protection against damage by securing the shipment. You can use crating for valuable items that exceed normal weight limits due to size.

Take a sculpture, for example. An item like this may require additional cushioning or it may simply need stabilizers to prevent movement.

Whatever your needs, look for a global logistics provider that offers packaging and crating services for items that require special handling.

Return Services

In some cases, like filmmaking where high-end equipment is used, the items being shipped need to be returned. Find a global logistics partner that not only delivers, but also returns your products from origin to destination and back.

Other scenarios where these services are applicable, include exchanges and returns for high-end brands. You need a shipping partner that ensures a smooth return experience for everyone to keep your customers happy.

With IBC, you can easily create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment.

Customs Brokerage

Finally, you want to work with a global logistics provider that has carnet specialists and an in-house brokerage team to simplify the clearance process. Duties and taxes are constantly changing, which can be confusing when shipping high-end goods.

Having a partner that offers these services in-house can solve for the complexities surrounding customs. Plus, utilizing a single-service provider for transporting and shipping goods can improve speed-to-market. IBC’s carnet services can help you to move your item seamlessly and duty-free through customs.

Ship Your High-Value Goods With the Trusted Experts at IBC

When shipping luxury goods, you want to work with a partner you can trust. At IBC, we offer all the services listed above and more. We provide customized solutions to deal with any special requests you or your customers may require to get high value, specialty goods out the door. For more information, contact our Specials Department directly at or +1 718-526-5300 Ext. 1. 

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