The impact of late deliveries can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Take it from this study on customer retention, which states 69% of buyers are less likely to shop with a business again if the item purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised.

As more products are purchased online, the importance of customer satisfaction within the shipping process continues to increase, creating more emphasis on perfecting last mile deliveries. 

As a result, e-commerce businesses are investing more resources into managing and optimizing experiences that deliver on customer expectations to ensure parcels arrive on time. Part of that involves finding a logistics company that provides customized global transportation solutions for last mile delivery. 

This is where IBC excels. We go the extra mile when it comes to delivering a custom solution to get your e-commerce goods where they need to go. 

What is Last Mile Delivery? 

Last mile delivery refers to the movement of purchased goods from a transportation hub to a final destination. The prime objective of last mile delivery is to get the parcel to the end-user as quickly as possible.

To learn why real-time visibility throughout the supply chain is critical to customer satisfaction, plus the benefits of last mile services, continue reading below. 

Use Services that Keep Your Customers Informed  

Lack of visibility into delivery times can be detrimental to any e-commerce business. That’s why real-time visibility for all stakeholders in the supply chain and last mile logistics are musts for any e-commerce business. 

Offering visibility works by having technology track and trace parcels at every touchpoint for improved risk management, so customers no longer have to worry about fraud or theft. This allows them to always know their parcel's location, as it’s being transported. 

The infusion of technology within the last mile also reduces the likelihood of a poor customer experience. With end-to-end visibility, e-commerce businesses can proactively communicate changes or delays in the delivery process to keep customers informed. 

Partnering with a reliable global logistics provider that offers last mile delivery can enhance your shipping logistics' efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, it’ll keep customers coming back to buy more because they see you as a dependable retailer. 

At IBC, we consolidate all of your global logistics needs under one roof to provide a seamless shipping solution. We offer direct injection shipping, so goods are grouped together, sent to the destination country via air or ocean, and then delivered directly to the customer after clearing customs. From there, our last mile delivery services ensure your parcels get to where they need to go on-time and on-budget.

Offer Transparency and Options 

Not only do customers want their parcels to arrive on time, they also want to choose the most convenient delivery option at the time of placing an order. 

That agility is one reason why there’s been a spike in same-day deliveries. But for parcels traveling overseas, same-day delivery is not always possible due to restrictions and the potential for hold-ups at customs. Therefore, it’s critical for e-commerce companies to offer flexibility when it comes to delivery.

For example, customers may want to expedite shipping. Or, they may want to change the delivery time and location of their parcel. Other customers may want to give instructions about where to leave the parcel at the point of delivery. 

Providing clear communication helps e-commerce businesses stand apart from their competitors. 

IBC always works with businesses to create a customized approach to logistics services matching their requirements. This means reviewing your needs, accessing your requirements against all possible delivery mechanisms, and offering custom-packaging and transportation solutions that could potentially save you time and money. 

At IBC, our goal is to simplify last mile logistics and help reduce inefficiencies that may drive up delivery costs for our customers by offering fast and custom solutions tailored to their needs.

Additional Benefits of Optimizing Last Mile Delivery Services

We've already covered the importance of last mile logistics and delivery services. We also touched on how it’s important to the buyer experience and how the last mile grows brand affinity through custom solutions. Here are a few additional benefits to working with IBC on optimizing your last mile delivery: 

  • Understand how your parcels travel. 
  • Recognize where to cut transportation costs.
  • Know where your customers are.
  • Gain valuable data insights. 

Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Process with IBC

How e-commerce businesses execute last mile delivery can make or break their customer experience. At IBC, we offer complete transparency to ensure you know where your package is and who's handling it.  As consumer demand for faster deliveries increases, find out how IBC can help improve your shipping logistics. Contact us today to get started. 

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