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United States Postal Services

IBC is one of the USPS's largest Postal Qualified Wholesalers (PQW)!

We offer a variety of international and domestic mailing solutions at competitive prices. IBC is fully capable of handling the delivery of your material worldwide. We will customize a solution for you incorporating several service levels:

International Priority AirmailTM (IPA)

First Class Mail is prepared to USPS specifications and entered at BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) centers throughout the United States.

International Surface Air LiftTM (ISAL)

An economic printed matter and small package service option that is entered at BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) centers throughout the United States.

Domestic Flats Service

An alternative to First Class and Standard Mail for flat size letters to U.S. destinations.

Traditional U.S. First Class

First-Class Mail postage rates are the same regardless of how far the mail travels, and postage includes forwarding and return services. You can enhance the service, security, and convenience of First-Class Mail by adding special services such as registered mail and certified mail.

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Additional Mail Products and Services

Partnered with post offices worldwide for unique mail solutions that leverage our decades of international mail know-how.

Mail Plus

A customizable, blended service that incorporates a combination of mail options designed to suit your individual needs.

Postal Exchange

Working with foreign postal authorities with offices in the United States and overseas, IBC applies foreign postage before routing the mail on direct flights to destination countries.

This product is designed for international mail only, with Priority and Non-Priority options available. The mail is transported and processed overseas, and then injected into the international postal stream.

Direct Injection

When domestic postage charges are more cost-effective than other alternatives, or when the appearance of a domestic mail piece is preferred, IBC forwards mail to the destination countries. Domestic postage is applied and the mail is deposited into the destination's local postage system.

Deferred Hand Delivery

Hand Delivery is an economic choice that offers an alternative to the destination post office delivering the mail. This service is available to select business centers and postal codes around the world, and is recommended when piece weights and demographics are high.

Publication Service

Provides one-stop shopping for direct marketers of catalogs, brochures, and directories who wish to effectively reach the growing global customer base. A complete menu of services is available, including warehousing, delivery, list management, database management, fulfillment, call center management, business reply cards, reports, and project management.

JetMail Services

Jet Mail Services specializes in marketing production and fulfillment solutions, offering a full range of services in support of smart branding, marketing communications, and customer engagement objectives. Jet Mail brings together the latest in technology with experienced professionals to deliver service that soars. Click here for more information.

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Value-Added Services

We may be best known for our ability to deliver the near-impossible, but when it comes to fulfilling back-end requirements — and then getting it there on-time — IBC has the edge.

International Business Reply Service (IBRS)

Increases response rate for international mail while minimizing cost. Prospects never have to affix postage to their responses and postage is paid only for the replies received. IBRS has specific size and weight requirements. Please contact your local representative for more information.

Registered Mail with Receipt

A secure method of sending your First Class Mail. IBC ensures that this mail is manifested and processed in accordance with postal regulations and travels through the most secure channel. A delivery receipt is included. (Please note: this service is not available to all destinations.)

Fulfillment & Database Management Services

Assistance with folding, address labeling, inserting, sealing envelopes, and shrink-wrapping is just a phone call away. IBC's technical staff is available to fulfill your requirements by eliminating duplications, merging and purging records, and data and address correction. IBC can manage and receive address files in various formats. Please contact your local IBC representative for more information or to discuss any specific requirements.


Many international destinations often mandate that mail be completely enclosed in order to avoid being classified as "trap mail." IBC offers packaging that, in addition to meeting with postal guidelines, giving it a professional look and feel.


As part of IBC's full service offering, we can place address labels or inkjet recipient addresses directly on to each mail piece based on your directions and requirements.

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Express Services

When mail products just aren't fast enough, IBC's Courier services like Standard Express and Standard Deferred provide the right solution.

Standard Express icon.expressicon.express

Desk-to-desk delivery of documents and small packages to major cities across the Americas and around the world within 24 to 72 hours.

Standard Deferred icon.express

A deferred service that offers a more economic option when time is not of the essence.

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Learn more about our other Courier services here.

Providing value-added transportation services requires intelligent, personalized solutions from people who aren't afraid to think about mail delivery in new ways. We will review your unique needs with you, assess your requirements against all possible delivery mechanisms, and evaluate your-packaging options and alternative transportation solutions to save you time and money.

You're business mail is our business!

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