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IBC Fullman Format


This page is only designed for those customers which have been instructed to review this file format. It is not meant to be a complete guide to sending manifest data to Pactrak®, but rather a guide to the file format only.

Fullman files are sent to us via email, via a web form, or via a HTTP POST submission service. The data can be sent at any time. If you are an Air-AMS customer, the timing needs to follow the US Customs regulations for Air-AMS.


  • Fullman Sample - A sample of the Fullman File for viewing - We recommend to view as a text file first, using Notepad or other text viewer.
  • Manifest Excel Sample - This a simple excel worksheet that can be used for manual entries, or to hightlight the Fullman format.
  • Manifest Excel Sample with Package and Goods lines - This a simple excel worksheet that can be used for manual entries, or to hightlight the Fullman format with package and good lines definitions.
  • Postman API Tester - Standalone app to test and execute REST services.

Testing your integration

You can test your manifest records using the Manifest Test API Service, or using the web form.

For Air AMS customers, we recommend to use your actual shipment records when producing test manifests, in order to correctly test that your data will be successfully integrated and submitted to US CBP processing.

Going Live Air AMS

IBC will generate a trouble ticket in order to track your progress. Once you are approved you will be able to submit your live shipment data and send your alerts to the station's import team. Please follow up with your sales manager to confirm the minimum time periods required for your submission and to review the IBC Air AMS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Follow these steps to complete your onboarding integration:

  1. Create a Fullman manifest using your active shipment data
  2. Use the Manifest Test API or the web form to confirm the quality of your manifest data
  3. Once you've completed several tests, please reply back to the ticket confirming that you have completed your tests. Please include in the ticket a sample of the responses you have received.
  4. IBC will respond back and send you a production address to make your live submissions.