IBC ACE Air Manifest System (AMS) Process and Examples
Examples for integration and procedures


The IBC ACE AMS process is used by our customers who need to use the IBC ACE Ams service to import their shipments into the US.

The basic idea of the process

Follow these steps to complete your onboarding

  1. Generate the CSV file (manifest) with the details of your consolidation and use the Test links to pass the tests - See ACE AMS Manifest Format section below
  2. Use the test form or API to send your manifest file and receive feedback from the system regarding your manifest format
  3. Once you have completed tests and received your confirmations, you will be moved to production, send us one of your confirmations for us to review your data and check the quality of your tests

Once in production your next steps is to prepare your first live consolidation

  • this step uses live shipment data, we recommend to test your manifest data using the same steps as above
  • follow the SOP instructions shared by your sales manager to send the consolidation using the production submission form or API

The last step is to integrate the status files or API with your system.

Important Links

ACE AMS Manifest format
Here you will find details needed to create the manifest CSV format.
Manifest Upload Page
This is the manual form submission page, additional links and resourses are available here.
Manifest Tests Page
This is the place where you can test your manifest and also view a quick reference of the Fullman format.
For the customers who want to submit their manifest via HTTP Post and automate the process.
Manifest Summary
You can check the status and movement of your Master Manifest on this form or you can also query the Manifest Status API directly.

Onboarding process - Step by Step

The following is a typical case scenario to guide our customers through a successful integration process. The most common cases involve ACE AMS data transfers to IBC and IBC status notifications back to your team, regarding the updates on each shipment.

1 - Complete your account setup and return the ACE AMS letter to your account representative. This step will ensure that your account is correctly setup.
2 - Start testing the ACE AMS Manifest. Your technical team needs to perform the following tasks:
  • Review the ACE AMS Manifest format
  • Decide between the different methods to submit your Data (API via HTTP POST or manual submission)
  • Test your manifest files the Manifest Tests Page
  • After several completed test, we recommend to schedule a live shipment test. Request from the IT Team your production email.
  • Once approved, IT will issue you a production level email, we recommend that your first consolidation be treated as a live test. Afterwards you are free to submit in production mode.
3 - Review the IBC Status code options. IBC can return to you the status codes for your shipments in one of two ways:
  • EDI Batch - For most cases we recommend the IBC Gen Disp format. This is a CSV file that can be uploaded to your FTP/SFTP servers at different time intervals. This process is recommended for database import integrations.
  • API Batch - You can use this HTTP REST API to download events for your account using the recorded time stamps on demand. This option is similar to the EDI process and is useful to group events into single responses. This process is recommended for database import integrations.
    Click here for the documentation.
  • API Single request - You can integrate the HTTP Rest API to your website directly.
    Click here for the documentation.
  • The following list are the common dispostion codes expected from the clearing process: *Not in order*

    The full list of IBC Disposition codes can be viewed here.

Manifest Submission Process

The following steps should be followed every time your team sends a new submission. You must complete all these steps 4 hours before the plane lands in the US with your pieces in order to avoid US Customs fines.
  1. Prepare ACE AMS Manifest
  2. Submit your ACE AMS Manifest
  3. Wait until the IBC AirAms system sends you a confirmation email. If the system sends you a failure message, your team must correct the manifest data and resubmit.
  4. Once a successful message has been received, send your alerts to the destination ports Import team.

Detail Level Documentation

We strongly suggest to use real shipment data from your previous manifests to ensure full integration compliance.

Your team should be ready to submit your data and expect a response from the system. The system will send either a success or failure message. If your team receives a failure message your team should correct the issue with the manifest and resubmit until a success message is received. You must have a sucess message 4 hours before your consolidation arrives at the destination port.

Manual ACE AMS transmissions

You need to review the document links available at IBC Manifest Submit Page. We recommend reviewing the Excel Worksheet as it will help you match the manifest format. When ready convert the Excel file into CSV and upload it to the page for submission. Check the 'for testing' chekmark to test your manifest files.

Production Manifest Cancellation Procedure

To cancel a production manifest you simply need to send an email to: it-request@ibcinc.com and use the following subject format in the subject line:
- Customer Name MAWB 999-99999999 Delete
If you have the Manifest ID handy, then
- Customer Name MAWB 999-99999999 #443123 Delete
For multiple manifests under a MAWB
- Customer Name MAWB 999-99999999 Delete Manifests


You can find an index of the IBC APIs here:


IF IBC is your last mile provider, you will find there information on how to generate the Fedex Labels directly, and other relevant details.

API Transmissions

This solution allows your team to use HTTP Rest clients to submit your manifest data.

Here is a simple HTTP sample programs that you can use as reference to submit data via HTTP.
  • IBCPost - Java Program to submit to an API - Java Post
  • Fullman - Ruby program to generate Fullman from CSV with submission examples - FullmanRuby

Please review the sales team's SOP documentation for contact details and for the specific operational procedures.