Research shows the global clinical trials market size is expected to reach $69.5 billion by 2028. Key factors that are driving this growth include the adoption of new technology in clinical trials, as well as the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

As more and more clinical trials are conducted, the need for life sciences logistics operators in the market is becoming more apparent.

Thanks to its joint venture with IBC, BlueBio Logistics (BBL) serves as a niche player within the industry, providing world-class transportation and distribution of biological samples and diagnostic specimens, from clinical research sites all around the world to the U.S. central labs for testing.

For more information on how this partnership can expedite your shipments for clinical trials across the globe, continue reading below.

Access to express facilities

When it comes to clinical trials, timing is paramount to the success of the study. Most samples need to be picked up and delivered within 24 to 48 hours, so there’s no margin for error in this business. As more clinical trials emerge in new markets, CROs face enormous challenges and barriers in conducting clinical trials, particularly in the area of regulatory systems and logistic operations. In those markets, BBL first mile experienced network of operators will play a crucial role in managing contingencies to meet cut off times, every time. Missed deadlines result in missed opportunities.

Under the joint venture, BBL gets priority access to IBC’s Express Clearance Facilities located at strategic ports of entry in the U.S. These include:

  • Miami
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
Many of these facilities operate with CBP officers onsite to quickly clear time-critical deliveries of clinical trials samples. Each blood specimen or human tissue that arrives is carefully inspected and transported to its final destination in the U.S. with specially selected last-mile delivery providers.

In the event there’s a disruption or delay, IBC and BBL have developed contingency plans to get the biological samples where they need to go, thanks to our expedited solutions and many years of experience in time-sensitive transportation.

Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

The regulations governing the transportation of clinical trial samples are becoming ever more stringent. Ignorance of the latest procedures and protocols can lead to noncompliance, which could have consequences for clinical trial programs.

BBL coordinates the transfer of clinical trial samples from various certified first mile providers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico to name a few, and is constantly adding others to its supply chain. These partners must adhere to strict standard operating procedures (SOPs), as per each clinical trials protocol requirements.

From there, IBC handles the U.S. Customs clearance and last mile for the successful delivery of time-sensitive clinical trial samples.

As worldwide clinical trials are growing at a faster pace than ever before due to the pandemic, IBC and BBL are coming to market as many pharmaceutical companies and research organizations are looking for simplified logistics to transfer samples.

And with more than 366,000 ongoing clinical studies worldwide as of February 1, 2021, the life sciences market can greatly benefit from IBC and BBL’s partnership.

Get Started With Life Science Logistics

With dedicated transportation and distribution of your clinical samples, IBC and BBL can serve as your end-to-end life science logistics partner. We understand the importance of speed to market in this industry and can solve for unexpected delays or disruptions thanks to our end-to-end solutions. For more information, contact us today to get started or click here to contact BBL directly.

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